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Space Availability - Mocksville

The Davie County Public Library offers five spaces for the public to meet in: Study Room (Limit of 4 people), the Tutorial Room (Limit of 3 people), the Conference Room (Limit of 12 people), the Martin-Wall History Room (Limit of 20 people), and the Multipurpose Room (Limit of 100 people). 

Reservations for the Multipurpose Room (MPR) MUST be followed-up with relevant paperwork. The paperwork should be filled out by someone who will be attending the event as a responsible party. Paperwork must be turned in to a circulation staff member no fewer than 48 hours before your event so they can confirm it is correct. Failure to properly fill out paperwork and pay your fee, if applicable, will result in your reservation being canceled. Davie County Public Library reserves the right to cancel your reservation, up to the time your event is scheduled to begin, in the absence of proper paperwork. If you are a non-profit group and provide your 501(c)3 documentation, your room fee will be waived. A photo ID is required for all MPR reservations. These documents must be provided for every booking.


How to Reserve a Room:

1. Use the small calendar to the left to find and select the date for your meeting.

2. Select the block of time for your meeting from the grid below. You can select multiple blocks at once. Each block corresponds to a half-hour of time in a room. Green = available.

3. Read our Meeting Room Policy and click the "Continue" button located beneath the room availability grid.

4. Please read and fill out the entire form (do not use autofill) and select "Submit my Booking."

5. Follow this link to print out the Multipurpose Room Agreement, Rules, and Checklist. These documents MUST be turned in to a circulation staff member, in person, before your reservation is considered finalized. Failure to turn in this paperwork will result in your reservation being cancelled.

Library Staff reviews submissions on a regular basis. You should receive an email confirmation for your booking within three days. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 336-753-6030. Thank you for using our meeting room space!


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